Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All books have a beginning...

Hey there, hope you're well! At this moment in time, I have nothing better to do than to study and find a job, so I thought I'd make my life more interesting and give blogging a(nother) go. Whether or not I'm any good at it will be up to you to decide! Since I'm a fourth year chemistry undergrad who just can't get over her love for books, I will use this cozy lil' piece of web space to post my thoughts on what I'm reading. I'll always be a kid at heart so they will mostly be young adult/coming of age novels, simply because I believe that genre is by far the best!

...And just like that - on the whim of a crazy chemist, this blog was born! ^^

Mood: Hungry
Reading: Magnetic Materials Lecture Notes

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